Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ok, here is the final post...most likely

So, in class today we were asked to add an entry to our journals about what we might change regarding the Spanish Immersion program as a whole. I definitely think that the two areas of study (in our case, Spanish and Business) should be accommodated better and perhaps separately. That's not to say that we weren't well provided for, but, as a Spanish student, I would have liked to be around Spanish more consistently. I didn't like hearing presentations in English; although it was much easier for me to comprehend everything, it made it more difficult to speak in Spanish at my home and to remember Spanish in general. I think I would have benefited much more if everything had been in Spanish. Also, I would have liked to have been more involved with the students there in Costa Rica, like the INA students, for example. During my brief encounter with them, I learned a lot - we learned a lot from each other. More classes might have helped, too. I really loved my classes there.
Also, more free time would have been nice. Time to explore and to write and to speak with locals and spend time with our families. I wish this had been a semester-long program. Year-long. Lifetime. Can you tell I miss it? I felt nourished there, like the air was easier to breathe. Sorry, weird ranting. It takes a while for me to re-acclimate.
If I think of any more ideas, I'll add them. Otherwise, wonderful program overall!

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